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Since I've been slacking on reviews I've decided to do a super duper
double review. Hopefully they'll help some people out when there at the
video store trying to decide what to rent on a Friday night.

The Others

Hey all. Time for another moment when I get to expose you all to what I think of a movie I just saw. Today's movie is The Others. Now I know what the buzz was about this movie in the theaters but I didn't get a chance to see it. So I rented it on DVD.
The plot of the movie is a single mother living with her two children in this enormous house. The one part that I was confused on is that they all speak with British accents but they talked about the Germans occupying the island. Oh well, that is a really minor point to the movie. Anyway, the children suffer from a rare genetic disease that doesn't allow them to be exposed to light. So what this allows for is a house that is kept totally in the dark all the time. Well the movie starts out with the three people showing up at the house applying for the servant's position. Apparently they all just left up and left. When they show up strange things start to happen. Noises and various other things that make a ghost story really good.
This movie has gone the route of the various other movies like this and tries to put a twist at the end. I'm not going to spill it in case there are some readers who haven't seen it. But this twist is fairly easy to figure out if one pays attention to things.
Now for the really cool part. Since I rented this on DVD I got to play around with my surround sound system. The movie was mostly to the front speakers except when the supernatural stuff started happening. It really helped get my tension level up. Especially when I wasn't expecting voices and all off a sudden there's voices right next to my head. It was probably one of the best DVD's I've seen yet. Or at least the best use of the surround sound capabilities of them. If you haven't seen this movie it is definitely worth renting. If you have a surround sound system, then this is a definite movie to rent or add to the collection.

Now I said this was going to be a double review so here is the second


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