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Black Hawk Down

One word to describe this movie. WOW! This had to been probably one the best movies I've ever seen. I don't care about what awards Gladiator got; this is probably Ridley Scott's greatest movie next to Alien. Fairly straight forward plot, it's based on the actual events of when we (meaning the U.S.) went into Somalia. I started reading the book that the movie was based off of during vacation a couple months ago. I never had time to finish it but watching the movie it followed the book exactly.
You can really get the feel of the Ranger and Delta Force soldiers went through during that hellish night. What I found really fascinating is this is the first movie that accurately portrayed what the Delta Force is actually like. Course the only portrayal of Delta Force is what Chuck Norris told us in his movies. It shows the friendships and bonds that developed between the two squads before and during the operation. It is a really good tribute to the men who sacrificed themselves for another during the operation. The scene with Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart was really touching. They were two delta force snipers who went in to try and save one of the downed pilots. They went in knowing that they were trying to face down a mob of hundreds of angry Somali's.
This as well as The Others is starting to prove that the article I read about DVD's cutting back on special features is starting come true. The DVD really didn't have a whole lot in it. The only thing that was worth it was the behind the scenes featurette. The one thing I don't understand is if there going to cut out the commentaries and all the other stuff the least they could do is include a DTS audio track or something. It is almost a waste of all that disc space to not include it. Anyway that's what I think about the new DVD features. The movie itself is a definite watch. If you haven't seen this is a must to add to the rental list or purchase list.

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