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I thought this movie was great. A lot of people may not have been happy with it as far as the general movie part, but sometimes I like movies for completely other reasons than what is on the screen. I liked this movie because It was like twenty years in the making and has been talked about since I was like 10 and reading the actual comic books. Also it was very well cast with J.Jonah Jameson being played by J.K. Simmons AKA Schillenger from one of my favorite shows, "OZ". Very cool to see him in another light. Also they touched on so many side characters like Robbie Robertson and Betty Brant and even Eddie Brock, who will probably be brought back when they get into Venom stories. The cameos in this movie were pretty cool as well. From Lucy Lawless to Stan Lee and many others, it was apparent that many people wanted to be involved in this movie. Also the casting of Willem Defoe as a criminal mastermind, the Green Goblin was a stroke of genius. That man is so cool and has such an expressive face. And who knew Randy "Macho Man" Savage's real name was Randy Poffo? He played the wrestler going against the "Human Spider"

As a movie, it was above average and thoroughly enjoyable. The people I went with seemed to like it, even having known nothing about the characters that the average person doesn't know. Myself, I knew from the comics all about the origins and was pretty impressed with how it translated onto film. I didn't like that they made the webbing genetic. As fans of the comic books know, it was always an adhesive that Peter's father was working on that he adapted into webbing that shot from cartridges he built into his suit. In the books, he was always running out of the web stuff at critical times, making for some tense moments. If it genetic I am not sure how they would approach this.

But again as a movie it had all the classic things a superhero movie should. It had a tragic hero with dead parents, ala Superman, Batman, and others. It had the unattainable love interest, just like Lois Lane and Lana Lane in the books. It had a cheesy hero gets the girl message, and above all remember, "With great power, comes great responsibility" That is the mantra of this whole movie.

On a side note, I really enjoyed the WTC spin that this movie took. Originally they pushed back the release date after 9-11 so that they could edit out the scenes with the World Trade Center in it. Then they announced they were going to leave them in as a "tribute" or just because it was a dumb idea to take them out in the first place.

Anyway I give it 7 out 10. Good movie and worth your money to go see in the theaters.



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