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The Ring 2

So after my traumatic experience with Cursed, finally we went to see the Ring 2. The first time I saw the Ring, I had seen zero publicity for it. My friend had gotten sneak preview passes and said he heard it was a japanese remake. The original movie gave me goose bumps for like 80% of the movie. This was mainly due to an overlooked horror movie technique of not showing too much of the scary person. Sure, a glimpse here, a glimpse there... but not until the end do you really see the scary girl, Samara.

In this, the movie was pretty much exactly opposite. If anything you saw more of the girl. You knew her story, this was her back story. Cissy Spacek plays her mother who offered her for adoption. The movie gained much on special eefects and cool reminders of the first movie, but ultimately, while still enjoyable, could never meet the bar that was set by the first one. No movie could.

Plus the marketing blitz that proceeded this killed most of the surprises that gave the first movie all of its bite. Oh well, not a bad movie, just not as good as the first. Worth seeing once if you really liked the first one. If not, don't waste your time.



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