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Pete Yorn: Music for the Morning After

I give this CD 2 thumbs up!! Yes, yes; I know this review is a little outdated (as they CD has been out for a while) but if y’all aren’t familiar with this artist; he is someone you need to check out!

The CD contains 14 tracks, and each track offers a new side of the artist. From his tell all song “Life On a Chain” to his emotional filled “On Your Side”, Pete Yorn plays on all senses and emotions with his release. The coolest part; there’s even a secret song which holds its on at the very end of the last track.

I think what makes me like Pete Yorn the most is the fact that he tries something new on each song. It’s not the same predictable music style as some artists use over and over again (e.g. in my opinion, Dave Matthews). You never know what to expect… and the sounds <sigh>; the sounds of the songs are beautiful and melodic. He knows what instruments to put together to create a masterpiece of a CD. He subscribes to the notion that in order to be a successful artist, you don’t have to be part of a boy band, and you don’t have to have fake breasts to sell CD’s……



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