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Lord Of The Rings

OK, First things first. The Previews. They showed a preview for the movies Austin Powers 3, looked really funny. Then they had a trailer for Star Wars 2. I am really getting fizzled out on the whole Star Wars hype. I mean I liked it with the original three but the first was was built up so much, but crashed down so horribly that I am reticent to even see the next one. Anyway then came the topper... They showed a trailer for Blade 2, which looks unbelievably cool and dark. I am looking forward to it.

Alright, Lord of the rings... If there is one word to sum up this movie, it would have to be "Detail". I cannot believe the obvious time and effort that went into creating this world and the people within it. From the Shire to the Mine, to the forests, everything was identical to how you pictured it in your head. All the characters were cast beautifully and the story was woven together well.

I liked this movie, obviously. It was a little slow at parts but you have to remind yourself that this is the build up for a later movie, so you cannot expect everything to be handed to you. It was an enjoyable time, if a little long at just under 3 hours. You have to remember it had a lot of stuff to cover from the book, and they did not gloss over much in the interest of being tru e to the story and to the fans.

The fans... I expected to see lots of people all dressed up and being fanatical. Not so much. The surprising thing was that as the theaters sold out, the movies did what they usually do not have the common sense enough to do: They opened new theaters. By the time the movie started, they had sold out four theaters.

Now I don't expect this to outdo Harry Potter, but I have to say it is an amazing movie, and as far as story goes I think it is better. That is only natural. Whereas Harry Potter was a very enjoyable book, Tolkein has been around for more than half a century. Whaddya gonna do? A second reason I don't think this movie will do as well as it deserves, is that Harry Potter draws on every age, where Lord of the rings is only, in my humble opinion, going to draw from the 16 - 40 crowd. Haryy Potter had that and the younger audience too.

Ok so, bottom line... Go see this movie, but be awake, be patient, and pay attention. It is worth it for one of the best Fantasy movies I have ever seen.



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