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Helen Stellar: Below Radar

So this may seem like a biased review (as this is my cousin’s band)… but I have to say that ‘Below Radar’ is one of the best EP’s out there by a local Chicago band. Now, you can get the disc at http://www.helenstellar.com and check out the archives of their shows too…. Shameless promotion I tell ya.

This disc contains four tracks: flutterby, io, diane, and temporary solutions. Each track offers a different kind of groove. Generally, Helen Stellar is compared to Radiohead, but in this disc, I think it is very safe to say that they have fallen into their own niche, and need not be compared to any other bands. The disc opens up with ‘flutterby’ and a harder guitar tabs; then it transitions to the spacey ‘io’ and takes the listener on a trippy journey with lyrics telling the listener “…this time around; you can be anyone…” Then the poppy ‘diane’ lets the listener get a glimpse of the more emotional side of the band. It is definitely a ‘must-listen-to’ EP. I recommend checking out the site, and jamming to some of the MP3’s of their previous work. I think you will be happily surprised….



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