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I am not even sure how I got to see this movie. I mean I know I got it from Netflix, and that means I must have put it in my queue to be sent, but I am not sure what originally precipitated me doing this. I am glad I did though.

Side note: Queue is a weird word. It never looks like it is spelled right, and it has too many vowels.

Anyway back to greenfingers. This movie is based on a true story about some prisoners in England that develop a program of rehabilitation based on gardening. Eventually ending up with them getting invited to the most prestigious flower show in all of England. Anyway, It wasn't bad.

In the long line of movies like this, i.e. Cool runnings and Remember the titans, all it takes is a good ending. This one delivers and it makes you think the whole movie is pretty good. I liked it. It will never win any awards and probably will never cross my mind again, but I enjoyed the time I spent watching this film.



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