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Alright, So I went to see this movie at the theater, really just because Ring 2 had been sold out and I had to kill a couple of hours before the next show. I thought, "Hey, it's Wes Craven." I mean Mr. Nightmare on Elm Street can't be all that bad, right? This movie is like Scream for werewolves. It was silly and campy and frankly should have been titled Teen Wolf Three aka. Teen Wolf Too Also.

My friend noticed that while Teen Wolf allowed Mike Fox (fox/Wolf coincedence?) to become an amazing basketball player, and Teen Wolf Too allowed Jason Bateman to become an incredible boxer... Wes Craven felt one sport was crying to be wolfed.... Wrestling. So in this new sequel, he made the little scrawny guy get bit and become mr wrestler.

The one good thing about this movie, was the fact that unlike 13 ghosts, Shannon Elizabeth was killed very early. She, much like Ashlee Simpson has been pushed down the public's throats for far too long.

So if you are looking for a horror movie, look elsewhere. If you enjoyed Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too... this will fit right in.



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