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13 Ghosts

I liked this movie. Not because it was wonderful or anything, but it was fresh and different. Yes, yes I know it was a remake of an old movie, but they didn't have the production techniques to really carry out the idea the way this one did.

There were very very cool creatures in this movie, and well carried out creepiness that would have been a lot more effective had this moron, who felt the whole theater would like to hear his witty retorts to every pause in movie dialogue, kept his mouth shut. Also he kept kicking my seat.


Anyway, if you like horror movies, go see this. The production value alone, kept it really interesting and the set design was phenomenal. I really enjoyed just seeing the different characters and various rooms.

Shannon Elizabeth, for the tawdry little piece of eye candy was mildly annoying, but I have to give credit to the screenwriter, or director or whomever made the call to have her disappear about thirty minutes into the movie so that we could concentrate on the plot instead of clawing off our ears to get away from her inane dialogue. She spends about fifteen minutes messing around in a bathroom. That is what I do when I go into a new house. Head straight to the bathroom and wash my face in the bathtub. Because the sink is so inconvenient being so close to a mirror and all.

Also this movie got an R rating, as the ads keep telling us, for Violence, Horror, Gore, and Nudity. Ok so I was looking forward to these horrible things that the MPAA felt was so shocking that it deemed an R rating. Let me tell you. The Violence, not so bad. Mainly dead people, same with the gore. Horror, I am not even sure this is a valid reason. But the Nudity was the biggest let down. The Nudity, as it always is, I am not complaining was this little bimbo, who prances about with a knife. Ok, but she is ugly, obviously face breast, like a Russ Meyers movie. And she was pale and dead with lots of slashes and cuts.

There has to be a point where the MPAA takes a step back and realized, yes the person is nude, but it is not in the least bit sexual and let it go.

Anyway, as the last bit of my ravings, I have to say to the parents of the three children who sat there at the movie, I hope they grow up to kill you because of the images you subjected them to at the tender ages of, I am guessing, 5, 7, and 9. Real good parenting guys. Parental Supervision doesn't mean you watch them while they get scarred. I hope they went home and kept you up for two weeks with nightmares for being too cheap to pay a baby-sitter.

Have a lovely Day


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