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World Trade Center Reaction is really starting to bug me. I mean I totally understand the grief and the sensitivity, sort of. But who makes these asinine decisions about what should and should not be viewed by the public. Who makes decisions about what is going to be offensive to the average person? It is driving me nuts.

A few examples of asinine reactions:
The episode of Seinfeld where George's fiancé dies after licking toxic envelopes, has been pulled from syndicated rotation. What the hell is that about. It is no longer funny? Ok, I can see that maybe it is a little close to home.

Explain this one then... The Simpsons episode where Barney leaves Homer's car parked at the World Trade Center and they have to go to New York to pick it up. Featuring a really funny scene where Homer has to go to the bathroom and runs to the top of Tower A to find the bathroom out of order, and has to run all the way to the top of Tower B. This has been pulled from syndication too! What is insensitive about showing an animated character in the World Trade Center? Are we supposed to just forget it was there? Nope, no WTC here, nothing ever was.

Hell at the end of Zoolander, they even edited the already-shot ending scene picturing the NYC skyline and took out the WTC. I am really not getting the importance.

Do they think that the people who lost people in the attack are going to go crazy if they see the trade center on TV or in movies? Hell all they have to do is turn on the TV and you can see it being talked about all the time.

It is nice to be considerate, but stupidity is stupidity.


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