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I'm curious. Why are people so opposed to getting rid of Saddam? Its been proven how sadistic he can be. Has everyone forgotten about how he just invaded Kuwait for no reason other than he wanted the oil and money because he was broke from his war with Iran?

It is a known fact that the only reason he didn't use chemical or biological weapons (as he did with Iran) when he fought us is because our policy is if those are used against us we will use everything in our arsenal (which basically means a nuclear strike).

This is the same man who targeted civilians in Israel during Desert Storm. I know Israel is not the most popular amongst its Middle Eastern neighbors but targeting civilians is against the rules of war. In fact I think that this man has broken just about every rule of war there is. Scorched earth is a deplorable tactic that nobody uses, he did. About letting the UN weapon inspectors back in, kind of convenient that when the UN starts to move in Bush's direction that all of a sudden the inspectors are let back in.
It's also been a couple of years since they've been thrown out. Gives them a pretty easy time to make weapons and then hide them in a spot where weapons won't look. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that the weapons inspectors will find no evidence of any weapons of mass destruction. I'll bet that even his "super cannon" won't be there anymore.

Oh yea did I mention that one? He is designing a cannon along the same principles of Big Bertha that Hitler developed during WW II. The only difference is that this one is much larger and fixed position (meaning its aimed at one target only). Anyone want to take a guess at what that target is? It was started during Desert Storm, the only reason it wasn't finished is lack of funds for one (the whole reason for his invasion in to Kuwait) and his top weapons designer fled the country.

Being part of the Hussein regime isn't exactly a good career move. Lets just say the guy that brings him bad news tends to be discovered a couple of weeks later in very small pieces (at least that what the rumors are). According to the weapons designer, his son is even more sadistic if that's possible. I'm just curious to know what's the whole resistance on why we should get him.

The way I see things happening is that Bush will want to go get him, but can't. Then when we do go after him at some point in the future we'll be waist deep in it. The man has the weapons and has no problem with using it. He will not be like the majority of the super powers, they all have the weapons but the realization of their actions of they uses them. They fire, we fire, and we all die. I just foresee many problems coming from that country, and I don't know why the support to go get him is there. I understand the thinking of "trading a devil that we know, for a devil that we don't know." But I don't think it can get much worse than him, the man is a modern day Hitler.

Side Notes by Seth:
1) I agree with not putting this off, of course. We put off going in a first strike mode with My Bin Laden and I believe we all know where that got us.

2) On the O'Reilly Factor the other night an Army General said exactly what I was feeling. If UN Inspectors are going to go into Iraq I say do it immediately, and with our entire forces sitting on the alert. The first time the inspectors see a locked door or refuse to allow entry, we pick the lock using an F-16. This is the only way Saddam will get the fair inspection he promised.

Even his letter to the UN said this to some extent. His first sentance says, "Come on back and inspect us with no restrictions." Yet, the last sentence of the invite says, "We need to speak about the arrangements." If it was truly unrestricted and he had nothing to hide, the invitation would have come with Airline tickets to get this solved as soon as possible.

3) One thing the media seems to be overlooking, and the UN is not discussing and it truly frightens me... Saddam has issued press releases saying that he is giving $25,000 to the families of those little brown men who call themselves the made up name of Palestinians and blow themselves and innocent civilians up in Israel. (The last time there was a Palestine, and thus Palestinians, was pre-Roman Empire and the Palestinians were Jews. The current guys were Jordanians and Saudi Arabians til they changed their name, kind of like Texas claiming it's independance) Again, I repeat, this isn't a rumor, he came out and said he gives rewards to the families of these morons blowing themselves up. That alone should make him part of our war against terror.


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