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I do not know if any of you have ever lived with women before… but, the most surprising thing about them is the fact that they are SOOOOO messy. I have this one roommate that has the neatest appearance… you would never guess in a million years that she is a schtunk. (yeah I realize that's not spelled correctly but it means messy).

Imagine this… you are getting into your nice hot steamy shower and you have thoughts of being clean and refreshed when suddenly you see in the corner of your eye something icky on the wall. You turn your head to the right. To your shocking horror… see fresh disgusting hairballs right there, half dried and ready to fall on your naked, nearly clean body. The last thing in the world you wanted when you walked into that shower was other people's hair that they've whipped on the wall for lack of a better place to put it near your face.

This is the most disgusting thing I have had to deal with thus far. Otherwise she is a pretty awesome roommate. Except (of course, here comes the but you all were waiting for) I am forced to deal with her constant need to show me that my boobs aren't exactly huge. EVERYTIME I have a bra on the floor or I buy something new… The girl picks it up and puts it against her chest (which is admittedly much larger than mine) to emphasize the fact that her chest is larger than mine is. To which she follows up with… look at how much extra material I would need just for my boobs alone… I don't know exactly what she is thinking when she does things like that… but pointing out the obvious is not necessary…. considering just a glance at her compared to me would give someone a pretty good idea that she and I could never share clothing.

- mel


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