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Ok, those who know me know I have an unhealthy obsession with movies. But I have a problem with them as well. They cost too damn much. In the city there are some theaters that charge as much as $9.50 per person. To top this off they then show commercials at the theaters for various products and even TV shows?!

Here is my thing. The reason that the network television is free is because they run commercials. This is how they are able to make money. This concept has not carried over to the movie theater owners of America. They run more and more commercials, more and more trailers, and more and more product placements in movies as well. In addition they raise the ticket prices and charge you a huge amount at the concession stand.
I knew things were going downhill when you were able to use a credit card at the box office and then again at the concession stand. If they make the assumption that you spend so much, you will be over spending your cash in your pocket for food... That is sad.

Secondly, I hate when they rate movies based on what they make. If all movies were on a equal scale, that would be fine. But the amount of money a movie makes certainly does not have much of an indicator of how good the movie is. It has much much more to do with the power of the distributor and of the marketing department of the actual studio. A great movie like Kevin Smith's Clerks made almost no money because it was no released to most theaters. They kept it in small coffeehouse venues. As opposed to crappy movies like Jurrassic Park 2 that probably came out to thousands of theaters. In addition prices keep going up, don't be surprised that box office records get shattered. I bet the most watched movie of all time is probably Gone with the Wind or Wizard of Oz. But there weren't even half of the theaters when those came out as now. Also they cost like a nickel or something. Certainly not near $9.50. I am just saying...



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