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Job Hunting Sucks.

I have decided job hunting is a lot like my experiences with dating. And in a way it is the same thing. You are looking to have a nice mutually beneficial relationship with someone else. Only in this case it is a nice big company and you get paid. Now yeah, I tend to date smaller companies, but that doesn't mean it doesn't stroke your ego to get hit on by some nice big conglomerate. Anyway....

So you talk to some one, you call them a recruiter, I am gonna call them a matchmaker. They get you all excited about a potential suitor and then they rush off to sell you to them. You get a phone call, you get all excited, don't know what to say. Finally the words come out, everything seem to be clicking. Could this be the one? The one who will be looking for what you have to offer and be able to offer what you want in return? It seems so. You get all excited, your mind starts jumping to future plans. Then they say they will call you back and never do!

Also just like dating, it seems there are people out there looking for things you don't have or want. And then get mad at you when you can't offer them. Some lady called up and said she saw my resume, liked what she saw. We spoke for about half an hour, then she asked if I had used Cold Fusion MX. I told her, I hadn't gotten the opportunity to use it professionally, but I was fairly familiar with it. She told me it was a deal breaker and that was something her client was looking for mainly. Now, mind you, Cold Fusion is not on my resume. So if it was such a deal breaker, why did she bother calling someone who didn't have it on their resume? Only one of two things could be true, either one, the person didn't have it on their resume, because they didn't know it, or they are two stupid to put down that they know one of the cutting edge technologies out there. Either way, not a suitable candidate.

Third, it seems, just like dating, the ones you don't want are always the persistent ones who keep calling and won't let you go. Primerica has called my house four times. Always different people reading the same script. "Hi your name was passed on to us blah blah blah opening new offices in your area, exciting opportunities..." I finally asked one of them what the name was of the alleged "referrer". They couldn't tell me. Also they weren't even offering anything web related. It is like a new Amway type place. Oh well, like I said, just like dating you take the good with the bad.

So if anyone knows of any nice, attractive companies, with openings I could fill in any number of positions. Any providing of course you are not interested or looking at the moment. I am asking for the hook-up.



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