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I hate banks!

Ok, So I have been saving some money in a drawer from a job that I have where I get paid in cash right? So I have a wad of bills and want to go to the bank to put it in my account. So I pull up to the drive thru window and ask for a deposit slip for my checking account. The send me one of those slips of paper through that little tubey thingee that I am not even sure how it works. I just hit the send button and it get transported to inside the bank. I think it has something to do with beams and Star Trek, but I cannot prove it. And why haven't we adapted this technology for personal transport yet? Anyway back to my bitching about my bank.

Ok so I have this wad of cash, and I am trying to get this done on my lunch break. So I put the cash in the capsule, and fill out the deposit slip. Heck I even signed it where it says only sign if you want cash back, just to be thorough. So I watch the teller receive my package and she pops it open and apparently she was confused. The concept of real money seemed to befuddle her. Maybe she was so used to checks she forgot what cash looked like, so she called over her co worker. They discussed the matter and then called over a third person.

Meanwhile I am sitting in my car wondering what they hell is taking so long to deposit cash. I mean it is cash, there is no verifying involved, it is a pretty straightforward concept. I give you money, you write down that I gave you money, give me that piece of paper as proof, and I drive my happy ass back to my office.

Anyway, the guy finally gets on the microphone and tells me they need my driver's license. I asked him why and they gave me this whole shpiel about identity theft and yada yada. I was like, "Identity theft? It is cash! Why do you need to verify my identity to put cash in my account?" I totally understand if it was a check and they want someone to blame if the check bounces, but it is cash!

I said, "It is cash! I am not asking for a withdrawal. What if I felt like depositing it in your account? I should be allowed to, why not? Maybe I just feel like being a really generous person and putting $100 in cash in every account in the bank for kicks."

They, being the robots that they are, still needed to see my drivers license, but in the meantime pissed me off and will assure that I soon have a new bank.

These are the same brain donors that believe a proper rememdy for an account having a negative account balance is to charge further fees and then more because it was in negative balance when they tried to charge fees and the fees bounced!

Man I hate banks somedays!


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